Pressofusione Alluminio

Pressofusione Bustreo is an Italian company working in the aluminum and special alloys pressure diecasting industry.

Pressofusione Bustreo is the leader of its market thanks to its high standard which has been achieved in forty years through continuous experimentation and research. This company is continually setting the standard for aluminum die casting thanks to modern industrialization and a team of very qualified technicians.

The secrets of our industrial success is our dedicated concern and attention for our customers’ needs. We aim to satisfy them through our top-quality products.

Our strength, along with uninterrupted investments in modern technologies, lies in our specialized quality-check department, equipped with an x-rays system, a spectrometer, a microscope and a 3D measuring-machine to satisfy all of our client’s needs.

Moreover, we have a workshop in our factory where we can manage the routine maintenance of our moulds.

Our production includes:
• diecasting of aluminum parts
• Mould design and construction
• Surface finishing processes such as: tumbling, sandblasting and painting
• After-casting metalworking such as : drilling, threading, transfer…
• Supply of finished products following all internal processes and organizing external operations by qualified   resources (whole order management).

In Pressofusione Bustreo we have complete fully integrated robotized working areas with cold chamber pressure diecasting machines up to 500 tons:
• 2 cold chamber diecasting machines of 200 tons
• 3 cold chamber diecasting machines of 300 tons
• 2 cold chamber diecasting machines of 400 tons
• 2 cold chamber diecasting machines of 550 tons
• 1 cold chamber diecasting machines of 750 tons

Pressofusione Bustreo is located in a green property area along the SS 47 Road of Valsugana, Padova-Bassano, just 7 km from the A4 highway’s exit (West Padua).


Working automated areas


Product quality controls on standard manufacturing processes


Experience years



Metal working

Using modern software and specific tools, we are able to attend our customers through the entire process, beginning with the moulds design, then through the moulds development and construction, and finally to their final product.

From raw materials to the casting: the processes are constantly supervised through focused controls and hi-tech equipment.

This process takes place internally as well as externally in a dedicated area for qualitative and safety concerns.

To achieve customer’s request, sandblasting is done through different methods, like a “shotblasting machines with conveyor belt” or “hook shotblasting machines”, with various types of steel granules and surface roughness.

Drilling, threading, flattening, boring, and transfer are used to shape our products with different finishes.

We cooperate with leader companies for an after-casting optimal painting’s service.