Our production is distributed among 10 working areas completely automated with machines from 200 to 750 tons. Each machine has its own electric furnace.

Our staff supervises the production steps with extreme precision through an advanced real-time computer system.

Our company is specialized in the pressure die-casting of every type of aluminum alloy. Although the most used are EN AB 44100, EN AB 44300, EN AB 46000, EN AB 461000, EN AB 47100, we cast some self-made alloys too.

Before melting, we check and treat our raw materials by degassing and drossing with nitrogen and specific fluxes.
We analyze the chemical composition of each casting with a spectrometer.

Each die-casting machine is equipped with an automated computer system that collects data and allows to check each production step.

The whole production’s structure is spread across wide areas with efficient logistics that ensures the best materials management through all the processing steps.

Our staff in Pressofusione Bustreo are professional and qualified to follow every production step until the final piece: from the moulds design to mechanical processes and surface processes.

Pressofusione Bustreo’s facility guarantees following services to its customers

• Die-cast aluminum parts
• Mould design and mould manufacturing
• Surface finishing: tumbling, sandblasting and painting
• Supply of finished products following all internal processes and organizing external operations by qualified resources (whole order management)